Carlos L. Castillo, PhD.


Curriculum Vitae (under renovation)


Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida, Tampa, USA.
Dissertation title: Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Model Predictive Control using Joint Kalman Filter for Small Scale Helicopters. December 2008, GPA: 4.0.
MS in Electrical Engineering, MSEE, University of South Florida, Tampa, USA.
Thesis title: Face Recognition using Neural Networks and Principal Components Analysis. December 2003, GPA: 4.0.

Work Experience: 

Consulting Engineer 
Designing, prototyping and testing of a microcontroller-based two axis motion system powered using PoE+
Arkansas Tech University. Russellville, Arkansas (August 2009 - present)
Coordinator of the Robotics Laboratory 
Leading the Implementation of an Inverted Pendulum control system for a senior project design
Proposed and currently leading and developing the following on-going research/projects
Development of an Indoors Robot for the Study of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms
Proposed and led the following undergraduate senior designs:
Wireless Tele-operation of a Human-like Robot Using an Exo-skeleton (Spring 2011)
Obtained internal grants/funds to equip the lab 
Assistant Professor (August 2009 - present)
Undergraduate Courses Taught:
    - ELEG 4303 Control Systems 
 Lectured SISO control concepts and techniques using MATLAB Control Toolbox
    - ELEG 3133 Microprocessor System Design
Taught the microcontroller architecture, interrupts, and peripherals: digital I/O ports, A/D, timers, RS-232, I2C and SPI, fundamentals of real-time systems.
    - ELEG 4113 Digital Signal Processing 
Lectured basic concepts of sampled data systems, discrete-time systems, z-transform, Discrete Fourier transform, Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), design of digital filters using MATLAB and the Signal Processing Toolbox
    - ELEG 4993 Robotics Programming 
Supervised the implementation of obstacle avoidance and dead reckoning algorithms using C/C++ programs
Graduate Courses Taught
    - ELEG 6153 Statistical Signal Processing
Lectured parameter and state estimation concepts, Kalman filter and its divergence issues, information filter and square root filtering.
    - ELEG 6303 Robotics 
Lectured sensors for mobile robots, locomotion of wheeled robots, obstacle avoidance and dead reckoning. 
    - ELEG 6143 Digital Image Processing
Lectured intensity transformation, spatial and frequency domain filtering, segmentation and object recognition concepts
University of South Florida (USF), Tampa, Florida (January 2002 - December 2008):
Teaching Assistant at the Linear Controls Laboratory (2002 - 2008): 
Designed and Implemented of a DC Motor Speed Controller using NI PCI-6030 DAQ and LabVIEW
Designed and Implemented of a Temperature Controller NI PCI-6030 DAQ and LabVIEW
Developed and tested applications based on Altera FPGA Chips using VHDL at the Rapid System Prototyping (RSP) laboratory 
Developed and Improved Experiments to teach Ladder Logic Programming on Allen Bradley SLC/5-02 PLCs and LabVIEW programming on PC-based platform.
Research Assistant at the Center for Robot Assisted Search & Rescue, USF (2004 �2007):
Modeling of MIMO dynamical systems like a Yamaha R-50 Small Scale Helicopter in MATLAB/Simulink
Analyzing and Designing Controllers for SISO/MIMO systems in MATLAB/Simulink. 
Designed Decentralized Multiple PID and Model Predictive controller for MIMO systems
Designed Fault-Tolerant Adaptive Model Predictive controllers using Joint Kalman Filter